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Hero Hadrasaur

And the winner for the longest comic book title we’ve found recently goes to… Space Parasaurolophus, a full-color science fiction comic written, illustrated, and self-published by Leonardo Pertuzzatti. That very hadrasaur was captured by an alien race called the Lev’rram and given both sentience and an arsenal of fancy gadgets. All of which our hero uses to try and defend the Earth from the Werthams: A much more evil alien race, who wiped out the dinosaurs and now have their eyes set on humanity. Visit the creator’s web site to find out more.

image c. 2017 by Leo


Just Piling It On

The folks at American Mythology: Dark (whom you may recall) have kicked things up yet another notch with the release of Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs vs. Yetis. They mean it. “Cade and Smith have been transported through a portal into a strange and deadly new realm. Now these unlikely allies need to get back to their own world, despite being hunted by ferocious Werewolves and Dinosaurs. And their temporary reprieve from danger is an illusion.  The mysterious Trench and his cowboy mercenaries are still tracking them and they are on the cusp of being caught in a horror free-for-all between Werewolves, Dinosaurs, and the legendary Yeti!” Created by Eric Dobson, Chris Scalf, and Matt Frank, this new full-color comic series premiers in February.


image c. 2017 American Mythology

Yes It’s Only a Paper Mask

Hello! Back from Further Confusion 2017 with lots to talk about. Starting off with a whole new way to get yourself a head for your anthropomorphic costume! Tetra Variations is a company started by a fan who goes by the name of Mr. T-Rex. (He’s working hard on making that Dr. T-Rex, which is a scary thought.) For now he specializes in creating geometric patterns which you can purchase for download, print out on your own stiff paper, then cut and paste into masks, puppets, toys, and other useful items. Dinosaurs are a specialty, but as you can see from his store there are lots of other animals to be found as well. Sign up for his newsletter and he’ll also let you know when new designs come out.

image c. 2016 Tetra Variations

Theropods, Assemble!

We can kind of see how the pitch for this series probably went… “Okay, kids love dinosaurs, and kids love superheroes.  How about… a show that has both??” That’s the basic idea behind Supersaurus 7, a new CGI animated series from Misery Bear creator Chris Hayward (helped along by designer and illustrator Henry Coate). According to Animation World Network, the show is “…set on a reimagined planet Earth, on the prehistoric sprawling continent of Pangea, long before human existence. Supersaurus 7 follows the comedic adventures of a group of young dinosaurs who chance upon a mysterious blue lava flowing from the very core of the Earth, whose energy transforms them into superhero dinosaurs. Each is armed with a super power that amplifies their dinosaur traits, and when they work together they can be an indomitable force, that is if they can learn to use their new powers correctly! Fending off rampaging T-Rex’s, rescuing distressed dinos from erupting volcanoes, and zapping incoming asteroids, these hot-headed, heroic and technologically advanced young dinosaurs strive to save the day. They also have to confront the rise of a new threat, the mammals, led by a despotic Gerbil with short rodent syndrome.” Like many of the shows we’ve discussed, it’s looking for distribution now.

image c. 2016 Technicolor

This Girl Has An Old Friend. REALLY Old!

Recently discovered: A new full-color comic book series from Action Lab called Monty the Dinosaur. “For millions of years he has walked among us in the shadows–Monty, the last living dinosaur! The first million or so were okay, but now Monty is lonely.  He wants a friend. He has tried and tried, but no one will play with him. He is a terrifying T-Rex, after all. Enter Sophie, a ten year old girl that likes people for who they are. Follow the unlikeliest of friendships in Action Lab’s newest hit all-ages series, Monty the Dinosaur!” It’s written by Bob Frantz and illustrated by Jean Franco. There’s a preview at Pop Culture HQ.

image c. 2016 Action Lab Comics

image c. 2016 Action Lab

Big Ape Before the Movie

BOOM! Studios have been granted an exclusive right to create a new prequel back-story for King Kong himself, taking place before even the original 1933 movie. “Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios and DeVito Artworks LLC are excited to announce Kong of Skull Island, an original, limited comic book series… featuring the famous gargantuan ape, King Kong, created by Merian C. Cooper, and grounded in artist/author Joe DeVito’s ground-breaking literary property Skull Island.” This new full-color 6-issue mini-series is available now, and BOOM! has a lot of preview stuff on-line.

image c. 2016 BOOM! Studios

image c. 2016 BOOM! Studios


Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs

Face it folks: We couldn’t come up with a better lead-in than the actual title if we wanted to. And now, the winner of this week’s Longest Title Award goes to… American Mythology Dark: Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs, new from American Mythology Productions. “Claw vs Talon! Fur vs Scales! Supernatural vs Prehistoric! Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs kicks off an incredible one of a kind creature feature that will slap you in the face with a heaping dose of awesome! Cade can’t catch a break. Instead of a sleepy little deserted town, he finds himself in the middle of a supernatural smack down orchestrated by mysterious men in black. Werewolves Vs. Dinosaurs is a runaway train full of over-the-top carnage and conspiracies that will remind you of the wildest grindhouse film ever made.” Sounds like it. This full-color series was written by Eric Dobson, illustrated by Chris Scalf, and it’s available now at Comixology.

image c. 2016 American Mythology

image c. 2016 American Mythology Productions


A new publication from Create Space: Dinosaur HeRAWRsies — A Coloring Book for Dinosaur Fans of All Ages. “Fun and educational, this pun-filled collection features some popular dinosaurs as well as recent discoveries! Includes familiar favorites such as T. Rex and Triceratops, plus newly discovered dinosaurs like Aquilops, Tarchia, and Prestosuchus. Includes fun facts about each dinosaur, as well as funny visual puns and geeky references.” The title itself is a reference to The Dinosaur Heresies, a famous work of non-fiction by paleontologist and Red Raptor creator Robert T. Bakker. On the other paw, this new coloring book was written and illustrated by Chandra Reyer and Jennifer Nolan — and it’s available now in paperback on Amazon. You can also visit Ms. Reyer’s personal web site to see more of her fanciful illustrations and color works.

image c. 2016 Create Space

image c. 2016 Chandra Reyer / Jennifer Nolan

Small Girl, Big T-Rex

One of comic book great Jack Kirby’s more obscure creations was the Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy series — obscure, but still popular among comic book collectors. It featured the adventures (on a parallel, savage world) of an ape-like proto-human named “Moon Boy” and his companion, a firey-red tyrannosaurus rex with human-level intelligence.  And now Marvel comics have brought Devil Dinosaur into modern times, literally, with their new series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — written by Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, with art by Natacha Bustos. This time around “Moon Girl” is a young human (with some “Inhuman” secrets) who just may be a genius inventor in the making. In the midst of one of her experiments though, she accidentally drags Devil Dinosaur into our world and our time. Talk about a pair who just don’t fit in! The first issue is on the shelves now, and i09 has an interview with the creators as well.

image c. 2015 Marvel Comics

image c. 2015 Marvel Comics