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Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs, Badgers, and Foxes

Graphic Universe, an imprint of Lerner Publishing, has two furry-themed graphic novel series that might be of interest to young readers and their parents. Guinea Pig — Pet Shop Private Eye (by Colleen Venable (writer) and Stephanie Yue (artist) tells the story of a guinea pig named Sasspants, who likes to read in her cage. When one of the letters on the front of her cage falls off (leaving “PI”), one of the other animals mistakes this to mean “private investigator” and enlists the help of Sasspants to solve a mystery.  Now Sasspants has a new career! Meanwhile there’s Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox by Brigitte Luciani (writer) and Eve Tharlet (artist). When Mrs. Fox and her daughter Ginger are driven out of their den by a hunter’s dog, they move in with Mrs. Fox’s friend Mr. Badger — which the adults quite enjoy actually. Unfortunately, Ginger and Mr. Badger’s two young sons do not! The series presents woodland adventures while also giving life lessons about growing up in a step-family. Volume 2 of each of these continuing series is out now.

Badgers, Foxes, and Guinea Pigs!

New for very young readers, from Lerner Publishing Group: Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye is a full-color trade paperback series for kids, created by Colleen Venable and Stephanie Yue. Sasspants the guinea pig P.I. attempts to solve the mystery of the missing sandwich with the help of her sidekick, Hamisher the hamster, and a menagerie of pet-store suspects. Each book in this series is peppered with clues, and features a collection of animal facts at the end. Then there’s Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox, a new series (also in full color) by Brittie Luciani and Eve Tharlet. In Volume 1: The Meeting, Mrs. Fox and her daughter Ginger are chased out of their home by a vicious hunter’s dog. They end up seeking shelter in the home of Mr. Badger, his two squabbling sons, and his toddler daughter. It’s a series about making friends and getting along in families of different backgrounds. Both new series are coming this March.