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Shiba Shiba Coco-Bop

The things you can make into a manga… Shibanban Super Cute Doggies is written and illustrated by Yasuteru Ogoshi. “A full-color book for the popular Shiba Inu characters appearing in LINE stickers and stationery! Meet Aka, Kuro, Cha, Shiro, the Roly-Poly Pups, and the rest of this colorful cast of adorable Shiba Inu dogs! Whether they’re venturing out into stormy weather in a raincoat, lazing at the beach, napping in a cozy dog bed, or eagerly eyeing dinner someone left out on the table, their fun (and sometimes mischievous) antics are sure to put a smile on your face.” Available now from Seven Seas.

image c. 2024 Seven Seas Entertainment

Those Other Pets Need Love Too

The campaign to legalize ferrets as pets in California (yes that’s a thing) recently let us know about My Name Is Musky, a picture book for young people written by Matty Giuliano and illustrated by Morgan Spicer. It’s rare to find a cute book about pets that actually focuses on ferrets! “Poor Musky! A small white ferret is abandoned and left by the side of the road. Things start to look up, though, when a nice lady named Stephanie shows up and saves the day. It’s off to the cozy, warm animal shelter for this little ferret—but will anyone want to adopt a different kind of furry animal friend?” Check out the official web site too.

image c. 2022 Humane Press

We Take In Strays

Animal Rescue Friends is a new full-color graphic novel miniseries for young readers, written by Gina Loveless and Meika Hashimoto, with art by Genevieve Kote. “Welcome to Animal Rescue Friends, where any stray can find a friendly face—furry or otherwise. This first collection of middle-grade comics includes five tales of found family: A lonely girl living in the suburbs finds happiness with a stray pit bull; a protective mama ferret and her six kits learn to trust a shelter volunteer; a shy boy stands up for himself with the help of a strong-willed bunny; a cantankerous cat helps to mend a troubled relationship; and the shelter’s unofficial mascot eventually finds a home.” Check it out now.

image c. 2021 Andrews McMeel

Very Posh Pets

There are many artists out there who offer up specialty high-class pet portraits, whether in paintings or photography. We’ve featured some of them here before. But now we’ve come across a different sort of pet portrait, thanks to an artist named Cassandra Nuss. She takes pictures of your beloved dogs, cats, or birds, and converts them into painted portraits in the style of classic painters like Rembrandt. Take a look at her Etsy store and see what she’s done so far.

image c. 2019 by Cassandra Nuss

Hey, Your Dog Can Be Geeky Too!

Peachy Keen Pets is a Canadian craft service that specializes in “cute and quirky pet accessories and apparel”. That means fandom-themed collars, leashes, and other accessories for your pet; and pet-themed t-shirts for you. “Fun and functional, Peachy Keen Pets strives to provide the ultimate in quality, comfort and originality for your pet! Not only do we make stylish dog collars, harnesses, and leashes, but fabulous accessories like bowties, bandanas, leash pouches and more!  Your pet is an original and should stand out on your block, and we’ve got that covered!” Take a look at their web site to see what they currently offer. Woof!

image c. 2017 Peachy Keen Pets

Animals Real, Fantastic, and Odd

Devin Elle Kurtz is a professional illustrator and visual development artist. Her full-color paintings specialize in animals real and un-real with more than a splash of personality. She also brings the same touch of whimsy (and yes, at times weirdness) to her line of pet portrait commissions. She has released some of her work as prints, available at her web site, and we hope she brings out more soon.

image c. 2016 Devin Elle Kurtz

image c. 2016 Devin Elle Kurtz

A Palace of Princess Pets. Perfect.

The Walt Disney Company found great success with their Palace Pets app — a down-loadable spin-off of the endlessly-profitable Disney Princess line, this time for younger kids. The idea is that each of the famous Disney Princesses has a cute funny animal pet, and they (the pets that is) often meet up and go on adventures together. Well the success of that app lead Disney to now create Whisker Haven Tales, a series of cartoon shorts airing on Disney Junior. Check out the Disney Wiki article to learn more about it, or take a look on YouTube for one of several official uploads from Disney Junior.

image c. 2015 Walt Disney TV Animation

image c. 2015 Walt Disney TV Animation

Only for the Baddest Cats

Bad Katz is “… a San Diego-based company that sells premium 100% organic, pesticide-free catnip cat toys. We launched the Bad Katz brand in the late summer of 2014 and we are going to take that boring cat toy aisle by storm!” All well and good, but what caught our eye is their toony advertising art! Bad Katz have hooked up with a local San Diego artist to create a whole line of original cartoon cats (and a dog) to decorate their hand-crafted catnip bags. According to them they just might produce some original comic strips with the characters on their web site, and maybe even some character clothing for humans in the future. But for the moment, only your pet kitty gets in on the fun. Literally!

image c. 2015 Bad Katz

image c. 2015 Bad Katz

For the Four-Legged Comic Book Fan

Tiki Paws have made a name for themselves crafting tropical-themed clothing, toys, and other accessories for dogs.  Yes, really — we’ve covered them before.  Well now the line has expanded! Tiki Paws have grown to include Geeky Paws — a new line of Halloween costumes for dogs, based around any number of fannish themes. Just the thing for when you’re out trick-or-treating and want a little friendly protection along. Check out their web site to see all the latest.

image c. 2015 Tiki Paws

image c. 2015 Tiki Paws