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Animals On You

If you haven’t seen the works of Joe Weatherly, you should. Joe is well-known and well-respected illustrator who specializes in wild animals, portrayed in striking black & white and full color. His web site will show you what we mean. Joe has been hired as a drawing instructor by the likes of Nickelodeon Animation, Dreamworks Feature Animation, Universal Studios, Art Center, the Laguna College of Art and Design, and The Academy of Art in San Francisco. Now, Joe is offering several of his black & white sketches of various animals on a variety of t-shirts, through his new company called Fauna Shirts. The web site shows a limited number of the available designs, but you’ll see many more of them if you visit the Fauna Shirts booth — coming to a furry fandom or comic convention near you!

image c. 2017 by Joe Weatherly


Steal Snacks and Look Good Doing It

That’s the official slogan of Trash Panda. They’re a new clothing company started by a pair of fans from Southern California. They state their philosophy like this: “Whether it’s rolling that critical hit, landing that hit on someone’s face, or simply eating that last slice of pizza, or sitting down for a long session of talking and video games you should enjoy what you look like. Live on the outside.” That’s fannish. To that end they have a growing line of nerdy-themed t-shirts, several of which feature anthropomorphic designs. Visit their shop on-line to see what they have so far. And of course they’ll be adding more.

image c. 2017 Trash Panda

Kitty Kat Maniac

Visiting the Long Beach Comic Con we stumbled across the works of Melissa Douglas, also known as the Kitty Kat Maniac. She majored in digital media at the Otis College of Art and Design, and since then she has worked for animation studios like The Three Legged Legs and Twistory Studios. At her web site ( you’ll find many examples of her work — both original stuff, and stuff saluting her favorite cartoons and games. And of course there are also links to her stores where you can find many of her illustrations available not only as prints and stickers, but also on t-shirts, blankets, key chains, and more.

image c. 2016 by Melissa Douglas

image c. 2016 by Melissa Douglas

Enjoy Life with a Panda

The creators of Fat Rabbit Farm (which we reviewed here previously) have a new line of graphic products called Pandi the Panda. He started life as a Facebook Messenger sticker, but since then he’s expanded to much more — including t-shirts, prints, plushies, and other illustrated stuff. “Pandi the Panda is a lifestyle brand reminding us all to enjoy life, have fun, be adventurous, and to pursue what makes you happy. We are proud to share with you designer, comfy wearables and products that encourages you to embrace this lifestyle.” Visit the official web site to find out more and see the current designs.

image c. 2016 Pandi the Panda

image c. 2016

I Like That Animal On Your Chest

Another one of those huge collections of animal-based t-shirts can be found at the Sweet Earth Art web site. It’s actually an artist collective for creative people working in several media, but click on their Art Clothing link and you’ll be taken right to their t-shirt page. Then give yourself some time for browsing… it might take you a while to get through them all!

image c. 2015 Sweet Earth Art

image c. 2015 Sweet Earth Art

One Toy at a Time

Another toy-and-art centered company — there were so many at WonderCon this year! Beefy & Co. specialize in rounded plushy toys, t-shirts with funny animals (and funny other things), and art prints of a decidedly cute nature. Their official slogan is “Creating joy, one toy at a time.” They’re making appearances at comic book conventions all over the place, but if you can’t wait that long for more cuteness then head on over to their web page right away.

image c. 2015 Beefy & Co.

image c. 2015 Beefy & Co.

I’ve Seen That Shirt on TV!

Yes you have. Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) on Big Bang Theory is known for wearing t-shirts designed and created by Nite Owl Ink. And here’s the cool part: They’re a real company and they sell to the public too. T-shirts, hoodies, and poster prints… creepy animals and creepy other things… and pandas. Lots of pandas. All brought to you by the artist known as Willie Wat. Head on over to their web page to see what we’re talking about. See you on CBS!

image c. 2015 Nite Owl Ink

image c. 2015 Nite Owl Ink

I Like You in Glasses

Smart Girl Accessories is a new-ish art collective specializing in t-shirts and other, yes, accessories for the nerdy female… or the stylish male. Their official slogan is “Putting glasses on animals since 2013.” Their inventory is small so far but growing, so check them out over at their web site, — or, at a nerdy convention near you, which is where we found them.

image c. 2015 Smart Girl Accessories

image c. 2015 Smart Girl

Soft, Super-Cute, and Wearable are an outfit (pun intended) that specialize in t-shirt designs featuring animals and familiar cartoon characters of a particularly “chibi” variety. “Teeturtle was founded in 2012 by designer RamyB to scratch your insatiable itch for cute, funny, popculture-y shirts.  Since then, we have made it our goal to provide the best possible experience for you… Here at TeeTurtle, our shirts are our pride and joy.  That’s why we use only the softest shirts on the market.  We know that you will fall in love as soon as you slip into one of our ultra comfy tees.  Plus, with killer designs from both our in house artists and some of the best guest designers on the internet, what more could you want?” They said it.

image c. 2015

image c. 2015