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Trade Paperbacks

Drawing Fantastic Furries

Christopher Hart is a name well-known among those learning to draw: He’s put out several books of how to draw cartoon characters and characters for animation in the past. But now, he’s trying something pretty new.  His new book is called Drawing Fantastic Furries: The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Anthropomorphic Characters. That’s a pretty big claim, whot? Well here’s how the publishers describe it on Amazon: “What Is A Furry? A furry is an anthropomorphic being—an animal with human characteristics. Furries have fascinated artists going back thousands of years and as seen in the influx of animal/human characters into popular culture, interest today is at an all time high. And now for the first time all in one volume, you’ll be able to take the next step to the outer limits of your imagination with the ultimate guide to drawing your own furries—Christopher Hart’s Drawing Fantastic Furries. After a basic lesson in the fundamentals of comparative human and animal anatomies, you’ll learn how to draw an entire menagerie of furry species, ranging from the adorable and charming super-cute furries to the seductive and super-popular glamorous furries to the warriors, wizards, vampires, and demons of the furry occult and fantasy realms.” The book is available this week in paperback from Watson-Guptill. The cover certainly grabs attention!


image c. 2011 Christopher Hart

Badgers, Foxes, and Guinea Pigs!

New for very young readers, from Lerner Publishing Group: Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye is a full-color trade paperback series for kids, created by Colleen Venable and Stephanie Yue. Sasspants the guinea pig P.I. attempts to solve the mystery of the missing sandwich with the help of her sidekick, Hamisher the hamster, and a menagerie of pet-store suspects. Each book in this series is peppered with clues, and features a collection of animal facts at the end. Then there’s Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox, a new series (also in full color) by Brittie Luciani and Eve Tharlet. In Volume 1: The Meeting, Mrs. Fox and her daughter Ginger are chased out of their home by a vicious hunter’s dog. They end up seeking shelter in the home of Mr. Badger, his two squabbling sons, and his toddler daughter. It’s a series about making friends and getting along in families of different backgrounds. Both new series are coming this March.

Catching Up with the Gargoyles

Slave Labor Graphics has three graphic novel/comic book collections available from their popular Gargoyles comic book series (based, of course, on the Disney TV series Gargoyles). Clan Building Volume 1 collects issues #1 through #6 of the full-color Gargoyles comic. The plot directly follows the events of the original Gargoyles TV series, while ignoring the events of the later Gargoyles: Goliath Chronicles TV series [long story — ye Ed-otter].  It also features an introduction by Elfquest creator Wendi Pini. Clan Building Volume 2 collects issues #7 and #8 of the comic book series along with the not-yet-published issues #9 through #12. One of those issues, #10, was illustrated by Greg Guler, the original character designer of the TV series. Meanwhile there’s the spin-off comic book series Gargoyles: Bad Guys, now collected in a trade paperback edition that brings together the first four-issue mini-series as well as two un-published issues that complete the story. “Five of the toughest villains in the Gargoyles Universe: Hunter – member of a Scottish family of gargoyle-slayers; Dingo – Australian mercenary and charter member of the deadly Pack; Matrix – a nanotech hive-mind artificial intelligence that came very close to destroying the Earth; Yama – a Japanese gargoyle who betrayed his own clan, and Fang – the mutate who would be king. Take this quintet of felons and force them to work on the side of the angels. It may be hard to believe, but these Bad Guys are the best hope we’ve got!” Bad Guys features black & white art by fan-favorites Korine Charlebois and Stephanie Lostimolo. Both Clan Building and Bad Guys were written by Gargoyles series-creator Greg Weisman. You can see previews and order Gargoyles merchandise (like t-shirts and TV series DVD’s) at the Gargoyles Comics web site.

Keeping Up with the Turtles

Mirage Studios has two new black & white trade paperbacks of interest to the many fans of TMNT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Collected Book Volume 1 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Mirage by reprinting the first 11 issues of this ground-breaking comic along with four micro-series by the creators of the Turtles, Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Meanwhile, Future Tense (by Dean Clarrain, Chris Allen, and Jon D’Agostino) collects the Archie Comics TMNT Adventures issues #42 through #66, featuring the “Future Shark” and “Dreamland” story arcs. All the stories feature the “future Turtles”, and act as a lead-in to the upcoming Future War mini-series.

Apes and Babes

Frank Cho is world-famous as the creator of Liberty Meadows, Jungle Girl, and other comics featuring Beautiful Human Babes and various critters both dangerous and comical — sometimes at once.  Now Image Comics brings us Apes and Babes, Book One, a 144-page full-color collection of Cho’s past and present illustrations and sketches.

Very Short Notice!

We just received word about a special event for animation fans taking place next week:

“Walt Stanchfield’s Drawn to Life
20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes
Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
Fletcher Jones Foundation Auditorium
Woodbury University
7500 Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA

Join Don Hahn [producer of The Lion King and many other animated films — ye ed-otter] and a panel of distinguished guests for a discussion of Walt Stanchfield’s Drawn to Life series.

Drawn to Life is a two volume collection of the legendary lectures from long-time Disney animator Walt Stanchfield. Edited by Don Hahn, all of Walt Stanchfield’s handout notes and lectures have been assembled into a two volume collection titled Drawn to Life – 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes. Walt was an animator, trainer, mentor and coach for decades at Disney and helped breathe life into the new golden age of animation with his teachings. He influenced such talented artists as Tim Burton, Brad Bird, John Musker, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and John Lasseter.

Following the panel discussion, Don Hahn will sign copies of Drawn to Life. A limited number of copies of this two volume collection will be available for purchase at the event.

Reservations are not required for this program. Admission is free. Parking is free and available on the Woodbury University campus.”

Meanwhile the books, Drawn to Live Volumes 1 and 2, are available in trade paperback from Focal Press.

Re-Live the Turtles’ Early Days

Archie Comics has reprinted the first three full-color issues of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (written and drawn by Michael Dooney) in a new trade paperback. This is the comic based on the first TMNT animated TV series from the 1980’s — we know, we know, it’s hard to keep track of which is what in the Ninja Turtle universe!  Just remember that this is the series where Master Splinter is Hamato Yoshi, mutated, rather than being Yoshi’s vengeful pet rat.


Our friends at Amaze Ink and Slave Labor Graphics now bring us Skelebunnies: The Complete Collection in trade paperback, written and illustrated by Tommy Kovac. It brings together all three of the original Skelebunnies one-shots, with loads of extra new material. “Join these living dead abominations in a playful, episodic romp through the forest. Does it all make sense? Not really.  What’s the point?  To giggle, my friends, to giggle.”