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In case the younger furries missed it…

DC Super Friends issue #14 brings us a new adventure with the Super Pets (in full color of course). It’s written by Sholly Fisch, with pencils by none other than Scott Shaw! and Mike Kazaleh. When the Justice League is trapped in a paralyzing force-field created by the evil alien overlord known as Kanjar Ro, it’s up to Ch’p the squirrel Green Lantern and a cadre of super-pets — including Krypto the super-dog, Ace the bat-hound, Beppo the super-monkey, and more — to save the day.

Not to be outdone, Marvel Comics has brought us Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, a new 4-issue full-color comic miniseries by Chris Eliopoulos, Ig Guara, and Chris Sotomayor. Lockjaw, the magical transporting canine of The Inhumans, discovers the existence of power crystals that evil forces intend to use for galactic conquest.  He gathers a group of well-know animals from Marvel Comics to help him retrieve the crystals first — among them Ka-Zar’s sabertooth cat Zabu; Lockheed, the alien dragon from various X-Men series; Throg; a frog who looks and acts like The Might Thor; and Redwing, Falcon’s hawk companion.