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Fall in Love! Destroy the World! Thank You!

Have you heard about Sands of Destruction? It’s a current video game and anime series  that have  become very popular in Japan in both formats. The game came first: World Destruction — Guided Wills (the original Japanese title) was developed by Imageepoch for the Nintendo DS and published by Sega. Later the anime series adaptation (World Destruction: The Six People That Will Destroy the World) was created by Production I.G. The plot of both is the same: The world has been taken over by various races of animal-people known collectively as “Ferals”, and humans have been reduced to slave labor. A group known as the World Destruction Committee/World Annihilation Front has decided that the only way to fix the world is to destroy it completely. Kyrie Illunis is a young man with mysterious destructive powers — and a teddy-bear-like feral for a friend and advisor. The former brings him to the attention of Morte Ashera, the young  woman in charge of the WDC/WAF. Attentions both professional and romantic, that is. And then various ferals and humans get involved, and things become much more complicated for everyone, of course. Funimation will be releasing the complete 13-episode anime series on DVD this January.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Thank you for following us through our first year on-line. We’ll keep making your Internet interesting! — Rod O’Riley, your ed-otter