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Vote for the Ursa Major Awards!

Once again, it’s time for you the fans to vote for the best that anthropomorphics have to offer with the annual Ursa Major Awards. From the web site: “More formally known as the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Awards, the Ursa Major Awards are presented annually for excellence in the furry arts. They are intended as Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom’s equivalent of the Hugo Awards presented by the World Science Fiction Society, mystery fandom’s Anthony Awards, horror fandom’s Bram Stoker Awards, and so forth.” For 2009, the nominees in 10 categories include:

Best Motion Picture - Live-action or animated feature-length movies.
*	"Avatar"
*	"Fantastic Mr Fox"
*	"The Princess and the Frog"
*	"Up"
*	"Where the Wild Things Are"

Best Dramatic Short Work or Series - TV series or one-shots, advertisements or short videos.
*	"The Cat Piano"
*	"Partly Cloudy"
*	"The Penguins of Madagascar"
*	"Prep and Landing"
*	"The Secret Saturdays"

Best Novel - Written works of 40,000 words or more. Serialized novels qualify only for the year that the final chapter is published.
*	"Bone Crossed" by Patricia Briggs
*	"Cheetah's Win" by Phil Geusz
*	"Jazmyn" by Bernard Doove
*	"Out of Position" by Kyell Gold
*	"Return to the Hundred Acre Wood" by David Benedictus
*	"The Unscratchables" by Cornelius Kane

Best Short Fiction - Stories less than 40,000 words, poetry, and other short written works.
*	"Drifting" by Kyell Gold
*	"Moonthief" by Not Tube
*	"Stop the World" by Kyell Gold
*	"Thou Shalt Not Make Wrongful Use Of The Name Of Thy Lord" by Whyte Yote
*	"Trading Wishes" by Kevin Frane

Best Other Literary Work - Story collections, comic collections, graphic novels, non-fiction works, and convention program books.
*	"Bloom County - The Complete Library, Volume 1" by Berke Breathed
*	"Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals" by Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges
*	"The First Book of Lapism" by Phil Geusz
*	"Who Are The Furries?" by Denise Winterman
*	"X" edited by Kyell Gold

Best Graphic Story - Includes comic books and serialized online stories.
*	"Concession" by Immelman
*	"Furthia High" by QuetzaDrake
*	"Jack" by David Hopkins
*	"Lackadaisy" by Tracy J. Butler
*	"Twokinds" by Tom Fischbach

Best Comic Strip - Newspaper-style strips, including those with ongoing arcs.
*	"Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures" by Amber M. Williams
*	"Doc Rat" by Jenner
*	"Freefall" by Mark Stanley
*	"Housepets!" by Rick Griffin
*	"Kevin and Kell" by Bill Holbrook

Best Magazine - Professional magazines, amateur zines, fanzines, and internet-only magazines.
*	"ANTHRO" edited by Quentin Long
*	"Heat" published by Sofawolf
*	"New Fables" edited by Tim Susman
*	"South Fur Lands" edited by Bernard Doove
*	"Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe" edited by Gene Breshears

Best Published Illustration - Illustrations for books, magazines, convention program books, cover art for such, coffee table portfolios.
*	"Gaia's Strange Seedlike Brood (Homage to Lynn Margulis)" by Patrick Farley
*	"It's Beautiful" by Jailbird
*	"Jazmyn" by Sara Palmer
*	"New Coyote" by Kenket
*	"Out of Position" by Blotch

Best Game - Computer or console games, role-playing games, board games.
*	"Earth Eternal"
*	"G-Force: The Video Game"
*	"Predation: The Board Game"
*	"Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time"
Voting is open now, and will close on April 18th -- with the 
awards to be presented in early summer. Visit the Ursa Major 
Awards web site to find out more about the nominees -- or, 
more importantly, to vote! Make your voice heard!