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The Rare Calendar for 2011

Fans of rare (and rarely-drawn) species, to say nothing of good furry art, should definitely take a look at the Rare calendar for 2011 — which is taking orders now through the end of August 2010. Featuring a theme of “Extinction” for 2011, the calendar features 12 original pieces depicting anthropomorphic characters based on animals no longer with us… some recently, some long long ago. Artists for this new calender include Donna Quinn, Ashalind, Swandog, Char Reed, Balaa, Katmomma, Alector Fencer, Katie Hofgard, Bubble Wolf, Sekhmet, Lhune, Nimrais, Qzurr, Caveatscoti, and Heather Bruton. Pre-orders are being taken at the official web site; later, a limited number of leftovers will be sold at upcoming furry fandom conventions.