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The Werewolf Calendar returns

We mentioned werewolves, we mentioned calendars… How about the both of them together? The Werewolf Calendar returns for 2011, this time featuring brand-new full-color artwork by the likes of Balaa, Dark Natasha, Goldenwolf, Heather Bruton, H. Kyoht Luterman, Katie Hofgard, Khaosdog, Myenia, Novawuff, Rayndancer, Synnabar, Therese Larsson, and Zowolf. Orders for the calender ($21.00 each in the U.S., $27.00 outside) will open up on September 1st, and remain open until November 12th, 2010. The first 100 orders placed will also include a free bookmark and sticker. At the Werewolf Calendar web site you can see sketches for the 2011 artwork, as well as download computer wall-papers created with the 2010 artwork.

Sketch c. 2010 by Goldenwolf for the 2011 Werewolf Calendar

The Rare Calendar for 2011

Fans of rare (and rarely-drawn) species, to say nothing of good furry art, should definitely take a look at the Rare calendar for 2011 — which is taking orders now through the end of August 2010. Featuring a theme of “Extinction” for 2011, the calendar features 12 original pieces depicting anthropomorphic characters based on animals no longer with us… some recently, some long long ago. Artists for this new calender include Donna Quinn, Ashalind, Swandog, Char Reed, Balaa, Katmomma, Alector Fencer, Katie Hofgard, Bubble Wolf, Sekhmet, Lhune, Nimrais, Qzurr, Caveatscoti, and Heather Bruton. Pre-orders are being taken at the official web site; later, a limited number of leftovers will be sold at upcoming furry fandom conventions.

Start 2010 right… with a Kitty!

Arabian Dreams is a new, provocative fur-suit calendar for 2010, starring a spotted cat known as Dreamsong. Here’s the description from “Dreamsong, Tjiran princess from long ago, accompanies you on a thirteen-month journey into the world of ancient royalty through fourteen high-quality large-format, frameable prints with companions 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Alexander James Adams.” Now that’s some company for a cat to keep! Follow the link to see pictures from the calendar and purchase your own copy for $22.95. You’ll also find links there to purchase some interesting furry-themed t-shirts.

Anthro Calendars for 2010

It’s that time of year when next year’s calendars start showing up, in your local bookstore, all over the malls… and on the Internet. Two of particular note for Furry Fans are Rare — The Unusual Anthro Calendar and The Werewolf Calendar, both of them created by a variety of artists. Rare is a collection of full-color artwork featuring anthropomorphic versions of animals that don’t get drawn as often, like pandas, okapi, jaguarundi, and so forth. It features artwork from Ashalind, Qzurr, Alector Fencer, Balaa, Sekhmet, Nimrais, Katie Hofgard, Synnabar, Mondeis, Heather Bruton, Katrine Hagman, and Char Reed. Only 180 copies of the calendar have been made, so make sure to pre-order yours here. Meanwhile, The Werewolf Calendar is, of course, made for you fans of lycanthropic lupines. It features full-color art by Balaa, Dark Natasha, Goldenwolf, Khaosdog, Loba North, Myenia, Rayndancer, Synnabar, Therese Larsson, Thornwolf, Vantid, Zakka, and Zowolf. Like Rare, it’s available for pre-order on-line… and like that calendar, only for a limited time.