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The 2010 Animation Pitch Party

The August 2010 issue of Animation magazine presented the results of the 2010 Pitch Party — where interested folk submit “pitches” for proposed animated series, consisting of a single illustrated panel. The “pitches” are judged by a group of industry experts, among them Kevin Gamble of Disney TV Animation, Brian Jones of Cartoon Network, and Kim Manning of Adult Swim. Among the submissions of note for furry fans were items like Dino-Might by Dom Voser (, Pug & Cat by Brittany Langlois (, Wolf Whiskers by Keith Krail, Backyard Dragon by Scotland D. Barnes, Monkey & Robot by Ken Gray and Mars Elliot (, The Monster Monkeys (, Samurai Chinchilla by Kristine Marsh (, Rebel With Paws by Christopher Slaughter, Fireflyz Avengers by Don and Julie Farmer, Joe Chameleon by Dave Barton Thomas (, Franken-Cat by Simon Shocket (, and Eddie the Disgruntled Reindeer ( Gotta love that last one for the title alone. Visit the Animation Magazine web site to find out more about entering your own ideas in next year’s Pitch Party.