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Stu Bear in the 25th Century

Viper Comics has a notably unusual sort of graphic novel that’s available now. Here’s how they describe Stu Bear in the 25th Century: “A freak avalanche turns Stu Bear’s annual hibernation into a 500 year frozen sleep.  Rediscovered and thawed, Stu finds evolved, hairless, intelligent bears, descendants of Stu’s brother, the new dominant species; living in floating cities above the Earth.  But as a seemingly incurable plague threatens to destroy all life, Stu finds he’s the only one who can save the day.” The story was created by Jeff Bushell, who previously wrote the screenplay for the feature film Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The full-color art was created by Beware of the Art Studios. The Viper Comics web site includes a link to a YouTube video preview of this softcover book.