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Welcome to 2011… Let’s Award 2010!

It’s another new year, and once again it’s time to take a look back at the year before… and decide what we really liked about it, from the point of view of Furry Fandom.  The Ursa Major Awards are the furry fans’ answer to the Hugo Awards ™ from science fiction fandom, the Bram Stoker Awards from horror fandom, and so forth. In other words, these are the awards the people choose themselves, celebrating the best of what we have to offer — in this case, anthropomorphic characters and their creators. Every year hundreds of furry fans the world over take part in nominating and awarding their favorite furry games, comic books, comic strips, artwork, TV series and shorts, movies, and more. The first step is what’s called The Recommended List.  This is just a reminder of what cool furry-themed pieces came out in the qualifying year — in this case, 2010, January to December. We’ve reviewed numerous items over the last year on this very web page, and most if not all of them could qualify for the awards — if you, the fans, nominate them. So visit the Ursa Major Awards web site and add your favorite items to the The Recommended List.  Remember though, the List is not a nomination — it’s just a reminder of things that exist, sort of a “Fur Your Consideration” listing if you will. Proper nominations begin this spring, and the awards themselves will be handed out at a furry convention this summer.