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A Future of Many Deadly Species

Our thanks to Fred Patten for pointing this out to us: “Death Drop is a science fiction novel by Sean Allen. The last known human was exterminated over 400,000 years ago and the known universe is ruled by the savage race known as the Durax, keeping control with their compelling mind powers. War rages against this vehement race and the free people have two choices: either join the Dissension Army and fight against the Durax or struggle to survive in the cutthroat world of outlaws the war has created. Dezmara Strykar can’t remember anything before the moment 8 years ago when she woke up in a space freighter, abandoned and alone. Since that date she has come to realize three things: she’s the best pilot and smuggler in the universe, she can handle herself in a fight, and she’s Human.” The other notable thing about Mr. Allen’s self-published science fiction novel is the number of anthropomorphic species and characters that make an appearance in it! You can check out the web site for his D-Evolution series to find out more. Also check out the review of his first book at The book is available in several downloadable formats and also on dead trees.

image c. 2011 by Sean Allen