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The Lion Matures

Renee Carter Hall has released a new preview of her upcoming book Huntress. “All her life, the young lioness Leya has dreamed of becoming one of the karanja, the proud huntresses of her people. But there’s more to being karanja than just learning to throw a spear. Life among their tents means giving up family, safety — even love. How much is Leya willing to sacrifice for a place in the sisterhood? Does she truly have the heart of a huntress? Author Renee Carter Hall takes readers into the veld for this coming-of-age anthropomorphic fantasy for teens and adults. This edition includes the novella “Huntress” (nominated for the 2014 Ursa Major Awards and Coyotl Awards), as well as three brand-new short stories set in the same world.” The e-book version is available to order now, and can be downloaded beginning September 20th. The print version will be released at the RainFurrest convention, with online orders from FurPlanet shipping in October.

image c. 2015 Renee Carter Hall

image c. 2015 Renee Carter Hall



Author Dawn Kravagna has released Murderous Critters, her first collection of Cattle Capers ™ mystery stories on-line at Smashwords. “Murderious Critters is a trio of outrageously funny mystery short stories, the first collection in a series featuring the zany comic animal characters from the world of Cattle Capers ™. A killer magician, rogue dinosaur skeletons, and roaming gunslingers are no match for bovine Master Detective Adam Steer and his goofy sidekick Crazy Cal.” The stories here include “The Magician’s Trick”, “The Dino Sore Mystery”, and “The Moontana Murders”, as well as the extra short story “Whopper Fish”.

image c. 2013 Dawn Kravagna

Be Careful What You Wish For…

We recently stumbled across the works of Celeste M. Bath and Rael Bayellis. They’ve both worked on several stories of adult fantasy adventure (emphasis on adult), several of which fall into the “furry” category, and now they’ve begun to collaborate as well. One of there most recent works is Randi: A Shadowcats Story.  Here’s the plot: “Randall was a very ambitious and powerful combat mage. When he found out about the Shadowcats he hatched a plan to make himself more powerful.  Unfortunately for him it didn’t work.  After having his brains scrambled and then his body changed after almost being killed, Randall is now Randi and owned by one of the more powerful Shadowcats in the Kingdom. Randi finds she enjoys life mated to the big sexy beast, and while she is now the most powerful mage in the Kingdom and both her and her mate are involved in Royal politics and intrigue, she finds her ambitions have changed…” The novel is available as an e-book, both at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

image c. 2013 Celeste M. Bath & Rael Bayellis

The Lady and the Wolf

Kyell Gold is a well-known author of anthropomorphic fiction. How well known? He currently holds the record for the most Ursa Major Award wins by an individual — for novels, short stories, and story collections combined. Usually his work is known for two things: Eroticism, and a male-to-male emphasis. However, his latest novel is considerably more straight — straight romance, and straight horror. The Silver Circle tells the story of a woman named Valerie, who heads off into the woods on vacation after a messy divorce.  She’s determined to try and relax, in spite of the warnings of deadly wolves infesting the forest. Then, she comes across a mutilated dead man, a young man with an arrow in his side… and a hunter who insists that the wounded young man is a werewolf. From there, things get complicated. The Silver Circle is being released as a Kindle e-book from Amazon Digital Services this month.

image c. 2012 by Kamui


Lycanthropy Can Be Funny

More e-books we’ve stumbled across… Check out Lycanthropy Anonymous by J.A. Konrath. This 2011 book concerns lycanthropy — shapeshifting — and the myriad ways it can make your life complicated. Here, check out the publisher’s description from Amazon: “It isn’t easy being a werewolf. Especially when you’re a newbie at shapeshifting. Lucky, there’s a group called Shapeshifters Anonymous that will help you work through the difficult times, like eating your friends, and shedding. When recently turned werewolf Robert Weston Smith discovers his new found abilities in a humorous (but alarming) way, he seeks out the support group to help him figure things out. There he meets various characters who transform into assorted, odd things, including a sexy werecheetah named Irena. But little did Weston know he’d been followed to this private gathering, by someone who wants to do the therianthropes a great deal of harm… ” The description goes on, “Shapeshifters Anonymous is a 12,000 word novella, specifically formatted for Kindle. It contains a handful of werepeople, a dash of romance, some gratuitous humor, and revisionist Xmas theories. It also has previews of Konrath’s other work.” And it’s available for the Kindle right now.

image c. 2011 J.A. Konrath


A New Fantasy Series

Here’s an e-book we recently stumbled across: Legacy by Hugo Jackson is the author’s first book, and also the start of “The Resonance Tetralogy”, which presumably means there will be three books to follow. “Faria Phiraco [a fox ] is a ‘resonator’, a manipulator of crystals from the moon who wields control of the elements. It is a rare and secret power which she and her father, the Emperor of Xayall, guard with their lives. But they are not alone… The Dhraka, malicious red-scaled dragons, have discovered an ancient artefact, a mysterious relic from the mythical, aeons-lost city of Nazreal. Their plan already in motion, they besiege Xayall, launching upon the city to find Faria and tear more of Nazreal’s secrets from her. But she knows nothing, except that the powers hunting her threaten the entire world. With her father missing, Faria has to rely on her own strength and brave the world that attacks her at every turn. Friends and guardians rally by her to help save her father and reveal the mysteries of the ruined city, while the dark legacy of an ancient cataclysm wraps its claws around her fate… and her past. She soon realises that this is not the beginning, nor anywhere near the end. A titanic war spanning thousands of years unfolds around her, one that could yet cost the lives of everyone on Eeres.” The book is available for the Kindle on Amazon, at it seems to be getting good reviews from the readers quoted there.

image c. 2012 Hugo Jackson

A Future of Many Deadly Species

Our thanks to Fred Patten for pointing this out to us: “Death Drop is a science fiction novel by Sean Allen. The last known human was exterminated over 400,000 years ago and the known universe is ruled by the savage race known as the Durax, keeping control with their compelling mind powers. War rages against this vehement race and the free people have two choices: either join the Dissension Army and fight against the Durax or struggle to survive in the cutthroat world of outlaws the war has created. Dezmara Strykar can’t remember anything before the moment 8 years ago when she woke up in a space freighter, abandoned and alone. Since that date she has come to realize three things: she’s the best pilot and smuggler in the universe, she can handle herself in a fight, and she’s Human.” The other notable thing about Mr. Allen’s self-published science fiction novel is the number of anthropomorphic species and characters that make an appearance in it! You can check out the web site for his D-Evolution series to find out more. Also check out the review of his first book at The book is available in several downloadable formats and also on dead trees.

image c. 2011 by Sean Allen