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Delivering Fun to Kids

And yet more from Animation World Network. (Sheesh, there’s a lot coming down the pipe!) Guru Studios (home of the popular PAW Patrol) have a new animated series in production called Pikwik, aimed at the preschool set. “In the town of Pikwik, every day is a new surprise as thoughtful Suki the Hedgehog leads her team, Trevor the Racoon, Hazel the cat, and Tibor the hippo to help deliver surprise-filled parcels to the colorful residents. The 11-minute stories are packed with silly hijinks, big adventure, and heartfelt charm that will entertain preschoolers while underscoring the value of team work, responsibility, and critical thinking.” For once, there are actually plans to release this new series in the US — on Disney Junior, in fact, starting in 2019.

image c. 2018 Guru Studios